Free Lawn Aeration

When you sign up for fertilization services for the year (within our service area).

We Believe

The beauty of God’s creation is for His glory and our enjoyment.

Healthy lawns:

  • Make homes and communities more beautiful.

  • Are more fun to play on.

  • Create environmental benefits.

There are two groups of people who enjoy healthy, great looking lawns:

  • People who love to spend time with family and friends in activities in their yard.

  • People who appreciate a great looking lawn that fits their house, landscaping and neighborhood.

Everyone appreciates the special feeling that comes when experiencing wonderful service.

What we believe leads to our two driving passions at Crown and Blade:

  • 1

    Make your lawn beautiful and healthy.

  • 2

    Provide you with personal and attentive service.

“Our team strives to deliver on these commitments each and every day so we can increase your level of Lawn-joyment!”

Our Roots

Our roots run deep in the lawn care business. Paragon Landscape has delivered lawn fertilization services since 2003. In 2015, these services were separated out to form Crown and Blade for the purpose of building a dedicated lawn fertilization team and organization servicing the Fort Wayne and Northeast Indiana markets.

Our licensed and trained lawn care professionals are ready to help you.


our commitment to you

We Commit To

Provide attentive customer care
Use premium poducts
Free service calls
Utilize licensed and trained staff
Not using high pressure sales tactics
Transparent billing

So You

Know we listen and care
Have assurance it will be effective
Understand we stand behind our work
Can be confident in your provider
Are comfortable in your decision
Only pay for what you agreed to

Isn’t this the way all services should be performed?

Our services

We have specific fertilization programs formulated to create:

  1. Improved thickness and green color
  2. Quicker recovery from summer stresses
  3. Increased tolerance to diseases and pests
  4. Environmental benefits

The University of Purdue Extension authorities claim:

“In short, dense, healthy, properly fertilized lawns require fewer pesticides to manage weeds, diseases and insects. Lawns receiving periodic fertilization also help protect water quality by substantially reducing water runoff and potential soil losses.”¹

Our lawn programs include weed control (for broadleaf weeds).

¹Fertilizing Established Cool-season Lawns: Maximizing Turf Health with Environmentally Responsible Programs by Cale A. Bigelow, Jim J. Camberato and Aaron J. Patton, Purdue Agronomy, August 2013

Beginning a new lawn on a new home site can be challenging for a number of factors – the soil, the type of grass seed, the time of year and proper care during the germination stage and early life of the plant. Some homeowner’s have such poor results from the wrong combination of these factors that they will entirely tear out and replace their existing lawn after a few years.

We have developed a specific process for establishing new lawns. We come alongside and advise you in the process. Then we will begin a fertilization, nutrient and weed control program designed specifically for the first year of a lawn before transition to your normal fertilization program.

Aeration of a lawn plays an important role in allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate down into the root system to spur a stronger, more vigorous lawn. Aeration should be done during the growing season – typically spring or fall for cool season grasses in the upper Midwest.

We have specialized equipment designed to do the job effectively and cost efficiently.

Over seeding is a technique we use to thicken lawns. Several factors could be at play when lawns are thin or have bare spots:

  • the lawn may have suffered damage from hot, dry summer weather
  • the lawn may be in the early years of establishment
  • as grass matures it’s reproductive capacity falls

In our region, over seeding should be done in the late summer or early fall. An effective over seeding process typically involves aeration.

A healthy lawn is the first and best step for preventing lawn pests and diseases. Periodically, though, a lawn may experience specific attacks. We can diagnose the problem and apply the proper treatment to solve the problem.

Do you have pets that spend time outdoor in your lawn? We provide specific applications to control fleas and ticks and help protect your pets.

We provide a routine service of spraying around the exterior perimeter of your home up to four times per year. This creates a barrier that keeps bugs where they belong – outside of your house!